Album Review . Bad Alchemy, BA 102

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17 05 19 . Concrete Zone , Session #1 . Kallidromiou 94

poster 170519
FRI. 17 05 19
Υπόγα Κ94

Working Klass Noize, Concrete Noise & Electro-Convulsive Therapy present

Concrete Zone , Session #1

Vera Spektor gains power from mutations.
Abrasive rhythm against abstract noise, soundscapes, drones and various media manipulations make each performance unique. Vera Spektor’s thrived in the primordial broth of London’s Underground playing in different events and festivals, from art galleries to clubs and squats. This culminating in the label/festival Workin Klass Noize. Workin Klass Noize have taken their festivals across Europe bringing together different international artists, while still producing a healthy output of experimental releases.

Grim Machine is a noise/ free impro artist.Since 2013 GM performs primitive noise rituals, combining analog gear and amplified built instruments.
GM’s music is informed by a fertile mixture of ethnological and ancient culture studies, outsider art and performance.

d E
d E is about the process of combining analog / digital sound generators and field recordings to create soundscapes, drones and noises as these are perceived synaesthetically. Inspired by techniques like automatic writing, all the tracks are live mixed and recorded as one-shot meditations, aiming to capture the feeling and the entropy of the moment intact.

Working more as a collector of sonic instances rather than as a musician, AZA filters the everyday life to discover the essence of our auditory experience. His syntheses intermit an assemblage of ordinary sounds in a variety of “raw” states with frequencies at the edges of human hearing, field recordings and melodic instrumental interferences; creating a complex pervasive undercurrent soundscape.


Vera spektor

Grim Machine

d E


Kallidromiou 94/ Omada Peirama

Working Klass Noize

Concrete Noise


09 02 19 live . Athens School of Fine Arts


Signal Noise Soundsystem at Athens School of Fine Arts
Starting 23 00

live performances……AZA, d E, Grim Machine, Skållhal
dj sets………..Circulation, Kumasi, Sickfest, Volm, yzasha
live visuals…………Charred Remains, DiDi, MANA RAVER

Description: Signal Noise Soundsystem is a high quality custom
hybrid sound system based on Shannon’s & Hartley’s theorem.